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Your donations help Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras

This coming week (2nd week of November), work will begin at this spot (below) in the HHHH yard to transform it into a pen for sanctuary dogs. It’ll be especially useful when Pilar rescues a dog that needs to be isolated and/or needs quiet time or recovery time.

This area at the HHHH sanctuary will be transformed into a comfy dog pen.a

And after that work is done, the cattery will be renovated. The roof of the cattery leaks and needs to be repaired, and it’s gotten pretty run down after about 3 years of use.

The HHHH cattery will be repaired

The cost of building the dog pen and repairing the cattery is about $600 and funds for these projects are fully covered thanks to AKI donors! These 2 projects are so important for the sanctuary-HHHH takes in dogs and cats that need special care and attention--sometimes the needs are physical, sometimes emotional, often both. They need comfort and quiet to recover. Thanks to AKI donors, that's just what they'll have!

Maya (below) is the most recent dog to find sanctuary at HHHH. Two of Pilar’s ex-students from UNAH, Jose and Andrea, saw her wandering on a busy street in Tegucigalpa; she was very pregnant and very thin and she had mange. Jose and Andrea convinced her to come with them.

Maya had 9 puppies and is now at the HHHH sanctuary.

Once she was safe, Jose called Pilar, and Pilar had them take her-now named Maya-directly to Pilar’s vet (This is exactly the kind of situation that the new pen will be used for.) Maya stayed at the vet’s office for a few days until she had her puppies—she was too pregnant and just not well enough to abort. She had 9 puppies (of course she didn’t have 2 or 3!) and Pilar then brought her to the HHHH sanctuary. With help from the vet and Jose and Andrea, Pilar was able to find homes for the puppies. Next step will be to have her spayed-which AKI funds will cover.

Princesa kept having puppies, but now thanks to AKI donors, she's been spayed.

Princesa (picture left and below) belongs to a woman who owns a shop in Tegucigalpa. She wasn’t spayed, and she kept having puppies, they’d run into the street and get hit by cars. Pilar convinced the woman to have Princesa spayed, and thanks to AKI donors, the surgery took place in October.

Princesa getting spayed


These (below) are a few of the 20 dogs at the HHHH sanctuary as of October 2016. Most of the HHHH dogs and cats are special needs animals.

Andrea and Jose (Maya's rescuers) often visit the HHHH sanctuary on weekends and help Pilar wash the dogs and groom the dogs and cats.

Washing the sanctuary dogs

Javier and his brother visit the sanctuary to play with and walk the dogs. They take their job seriously and make sure all dogs get walks, play time, and petting time.

Walking the HHHH dogs

This brother and sister came to visit the sanctuary dogs. They were interested in adopting Thor, the rottweiler, but Thor is one of the special needs dogs and the care required was just too much for them. They had a fun time at the sanctuary anyway and the dogs appreciated the extra love!

Visiting the HHHH sanctuary

Thanks for supporting, HHHH, AKI, and the sanctuary's dogs and cats! Your donations make all the difference to the HHHH animals!

HHHH sanctuary dogs-it's almost like home!

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