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Here's How AKI Donors Support the Uganda SPCA

AKI donors provide the funding that keeps the Uganda SPCA running! Donations to AKI not only cover cat and dog food and vet care for Uganda SPCA Haven dogs and cats, they also ensure that the USPCA is there every day for the animals. Our donors cover: staff salaries, shelter rent, airtime and transport to enable USPCA staff to rescue so many cats and dogs, gas to cook dog and cat food, and more. Here are just some of the things that the Uganda SPCA has done with AKI donor funds in the last few months.

First, our donors should be so proud that the 1st paragraph of the Uganda SPCA's 2016 report says, " DONORS: we would first like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Animal-Kind International, Protea Hotel- Kampala, Protea Hotel- Entebbe the main USPCA donors for the support they give to the shelter at all the times. Without them the shelter would not be."

Here are some of the specific ways you, our AKI donors, have helped the Uganda SPCA.

In mid-February, Maggie contacted the USPCA about this poor kitty with a really bad injury on her ear. The USPCA team was able to trap the kitty and bring her back to The Haven, where her ear was treated. Maggie's children had named her Tutu. Shelter manager, Alex Ochieng: "We use AKI money for transport to rescue location and return to Haven with TUTU. Also to buy nutritious food. Thank you AKI and supporters."

Tutu injured by razor wire

Tutu has a mangled ear!

Razor wire is dangerous! Back in October, this kitty (picture below) was stuck in razor wire and the USPCA was called to help. Thanks to AKI donors, the USPCA team had the transport money to reach the location, Alex removed the kitty from the wire, a very slow process, and they transported the kitty back to The Haven, where a section of the tail had to be amputated. Transport, vet supplies, kitty food--all covered by AKI donors!

Kitty's tail is caught in razor wire (October 2016)

At The Haven, the kitty was named Razor--of course! And as you can see below, he's doing great!

Razor-looking good!

On January 31, Laura called the USPCA about a mother dog who gave birth to 11 puppies (yes, 11!) outside her gate in a drainage pipe. The USPCA picked up the mama and her 11 puppies and brought them to the shelter. Again, AKI donors came through. Thanks to you, USPCA never has to worry about transport money, having enough puppy food, and vaccinations and other med supplies for puppies.

Puppies were born in a drainage pipe

Puppies in a culvert

The USPCA spent $227 of AKI funds for lumber, nails, and labor to refurbish the garage at The Haven, which is used as a cat room. That was good news for Alex and the cat family he was caring for during January and February. Alex said, "I have been feeding this poor mum [photo below] since she gave birth, now she get used to me and the babies also friendly to me." So when they arrived at The Haven, thanks to AKI donors, they had a nice home!

Alex found and cared for this kitty family

USPCA also uses AKI funds for more mundane items. For example, this camera (used by Alex to document rescues and shelter cats and dogs) was purchased with AKI funds.

USPCA bought this camera with AKI $$

USPCA also bought this helmet with AKI funds (thank you Jackie)--we want to make sure that USPCA Haven staff heads are well-protected when they ride boda bodas to rescue dogs and cats!

Helmet bought with AKI funds

With AKI funds, the USPCA bought gumboots to keep the feet of USPCA Haven staff dry and comfortable. (We care about Haven staff from head to toe, and that's why we cover staff salaries!)

Gumboots for USPCA staff-bought with AKI $$

Sadly, this is not an unusual story, an owner leaves for a while or moves away and leaves the dogs behind with no food, no care. But we're so lucky that the USPCA is so well-known in Kampala. When unfeeling homeowners leave their pets behind, someone does notice and does call the USPCA. Back in 2016, the USPCA rescued 2 dogs after getting notified that their owner left them locked in the Samurai Japanese restaurant. The USPCA rescued them, vaccinated and neutered them, and provided the care they needed so that they'd be adoptable-and they now are adoptable! This is all made possible thanks to AKI donors!

Both Samurai dogs were male and the USPCA re-named them Calo (black dog) and Titus (the black/ white dog).

Calo and Titus rescued from Samurai restaurant

These are just a few examples of what AKI funding has accomplished. USPCA sends AKI detailed information on how they spend AKI money, so if you'd like to know more, we're happy to provide it. If you'd like to designate USPCA for your donation, we'd be extremely grateful. And if you'd like to donate monthly to USPCA, we'd be "over the moon." Thank you!

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