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Save the Animals-Armenia Update: August 2017

The AKI Board votes on our 1st disbursements to our partner organizations during the 1st few days of May, and then we send the money off as soon as possible after that. We postponed a bit for disbursement 1 of 2017 to SA-Armenia because we had an ongoing fundraiser for 2 SA-Armenia dogs who needed major surgeries on their legs. We raised more than enough to cover the 2 surgeries (We hoped for US$500 and we raised US$1010), so on 3 June, we sent disbursement 1 to SA-Armenia to cover leg surgeries and much more!

The 2 dogs who needed leg surgery were living at Nune's home, where it was safer for them and where they could more easily get around and be attended to. As you can see in the pictures below, they were really pampered!

2 dogs at Nune's home, both need leg surgery

Previously, we showed you this x ray of one of the dog's legs. Nune's doctor friend, Travmatolog, a human doctor, agreed to do the surgeries for free, but Nune had to pay for the 2 implants--a total of US$500.

The surgeries were done in July. The pictures below show the dogs just after surgery.



The additional US$510 that AKI raised for the surgeries (above the US$500 that Nune needed for the implants) was used to pay off previous vet bills, including spay/neuter, meds, and other vet care for SA-Armenia shelter dogs, now numbering about 150, most of whom are older dogs.

Additionally, AKI funds paid for about 1 month of dog food at the SA-Armenia shelter and a few month's salary of one worker. Currently, Nune has only one paid worker for 150 dogs because it's so difficult to find people who are dedicated and honest and willing to do what ever is needed to help the shelter dogs--which is what Nune requires of her staff and volunteers.

Nune: "Thank you so so so much to you. You are the best friend of shelter."

Here are some recent pictures from SA-Armenia of a few of the older and a few of the younger dogs in their care.

SA-Armenia shelter dogs relaxing

Save the Animals-Armenia has a continuing need for dog food to feed the 150 shelter dogs and for several street dogs that SAA watches over. Also, Nune needs funding for vet care for the older shelter dogs--that is an ongoing and necessary expense and funding is needed to continue to spay/neuter Yerevan, Armenia street cats and dogs. On the AKI website, you can designate SA-Armenia for your donation, and as always, we'll send 100% of your donations to the AKI partner organization that you designate and we continue to keep our promise to you, our donors, to keep you well-informed about how your donations are helping animals in need:

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