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An early morning phone call leads to a string of rescues in Tegucigalpa

I (Karen) spoke to Pilar (Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras) about 10 days ago, and she told me about the rescues detailed below. AKI donors support HHHH by providing funds for sanctuary operations, including cat and dog food, medicines, vet care (including spay/neuter), and renovations. The HHHH Sanctuary (the Nereida Montes de Oca Sanctuary) cares for about 25 cats and dogs, many with very serious physical or emotional issues, who may need lifetime care.

In early August, at 6 AM, Dona Isabel (the "cat lady," who coordinates with HHHH) called Pilar about 2 dogs, who she said were dying in the street. They were skin and bones, she said. One was a German shepherd-type dog, the other a lab with a tumor, the size of a cantaloupe on his testicles. Pilar immediately went into action to look for the dogs; meanwhile, Dona Isabel sent pictures of the dogs to their vet to make sure he was prepared to deal with their care.

Pilar's search turned up nothing.

She went out a 2nd time to search and this time, ran into Javier and his brother (they walk HHHH dogs), and they said sure, they know where those dogs are. The boys took Pilar there-to a lumber yard.

The dog at the lumber yard was neither of the 2 dogs that Dona Isabel had called Pilar about, but this dog was in desperate need of help. Spot was starving and had paraphimosis, an inability to retract his penis back into the sheath (picture below-we know he doesn't look like a Spot). This normally calls for immediate care, so Pilar talked to the guy at the lumber yard, who said he was the owner, and explained what she was planning to do. Pilar took a picture of Spot and went to her vet (Orlando) to show him the picture and see if he could treat the condition. The vet was willing to try, so Pilar returned to the lumber yard, but Spot was gone!

Spot, who Pilar found starving & rescued

The guy who Pilar had spoken to was there though, and he told Pilar that the owner took Spot to the vet--it turns out the person Pilar was talking to was not the owner. At this point, Pilar didn't believe that the dog was actually at the vet's office, so when she went back to Dr. Orlando's clinic, she was surprised to find the [real] owner with 2 small dogs, both in very bad shape (Foxy and Puppy) and Spot (picture below at the vet's office)!

The owner claimed that the dogs were so skinny because they just wouldn't eat. So Pilar brought out some dog food, and they ate like they hadn't seen food in weeks!

Spot at the vet's office

Pilar told the owner that she'll care for Spot during his treatment. It turns out, Spot not only had the obvious issues, he also was severely anemic, had ehrlichia, he was covered with fleas, his blood ran like water, he was very dehydrated, and he couldn't stand up (not surprising). The owner claims that Spot is 14-15 years old!

Spot is now on a 28 day treatment for ehrlichia, staying at the HHHH Sanctuary (picture below), and once he gets through this treatment, they'll work on treating the paraphimosis.

Spot at the HHHH Sanctuary

Spot has only 2 teeth, but he's enjoying the always available food at the HHHH Sanctuary, the love, and care he's getting, and even if he'll only be with us for a short time, Pilar is making sure he's as comfortable as possible in his old age. HHHH and Dr. Orlando are tracking the status of the other 2 dogs, Puppy and Foxy, and are making sure the owner follows up on their care (or they'll make sure he gives them up to HHHH).

And what ever happened to the 2 starving dogs that Dona Isabel called Pilar about? Dona Isabel went out searching for them, found them, brought them to a different vet, where they were treated, and they are now at foster homes.

Besides Spot, as of end of July, HHHH has 1 new rescued cat and 1 new rescued dog at the sanctuary. Letty (daughter of Letty, Pilar's neighbor) found a very skinny cat in the middle of the street. He was very friendly, allowed Letty to pick him up, and she brought him to the Sanctuary, where he's now known as Gordo (he's no longer skinny!)


Frode, another 14-15 year old dog, with no teeth, was found and rescued by Karen A., an ex-student of Pilar's. Frode was wandering on the street, when Karen saw him. He was thin, with an eye infection and skin condition, all of which are being treated by Pilar. As with Spot, Frode will remain at the HHHH Sanctuary, where he can live out his old age in comfort and surrounded by love (and food).

Frode was a stray in Tegucigalpa, now at the HHHH Sanctuary

We're so sad to report the passing of Scooby. Scooby came to the Sanctuary during the 1st week of November, 2016. He was in very bad shape-thin, couldn't walk, had bite marks on his neck, and was very dirty from living on the street. Pilar brought him back to health and he enjoyed his life at the HHHH Sanctuary. On August 27, Pilar heard him cry, she saw him fall down, and he immediately died. Pilar has no idea what happened. The Sanctuary mourns the loss of their Scooby, but is grateful for the time Scooby blessed them with his presence.

Scooby - early August 2017 at the HHHH Sanctuary

Scooby, soon after he arrived at the sanctuary

Scooby, during happy days at the sanctuary

To support the HHHH Sanctuary's cats and dogs, many of whom require intensive care, including expensive vet care, please designate HHHH on the AKI website, and we will send 100% of your donation to HHHH:

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