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Save the Animals Armenia-Preparing for Winter (2017-2018)

Every winter we work especially hard to make sure that Save the Animals-Armenia has enough nutritious food for the shelter dogs, can pay the electric bill (for the heated shelter building where many of the dogs sleep during the winter), and can take the shelter dogs to the vet, when needed and pay for their meds. Since the majority of SAA shelter dogs are middle aged or older and haven't had the easiest lives, many of them need special care and daily meds. In the winter, they all need a bit more food to keep them warm and happy. If you can help us make sure that Save the Animals-Armenia's shelter dogs make it through the winter with plenty of food, warmth, and their daily meds, we would be eternally grateful! https://www.animal-kind.org/aki-armenia

It's really difficult to run an animal shelter in Armenia, especially a 1st rate shelter, one that provides for the dogs' needs--and then some: one that makes sure they get exercise, attention, and love; one that spays/neuters and provides needed vet care and meds; one that puts the dogs 1st. And that's what Nune Mehrabyan does at the Save the Animals-Armenia shelter. What makes it difficult is that there are very few donors for animal causes in Armenia, very few people who are willing to work at a shelter, and very few who meet Nune's high standards. So Nune ends up doing so much on her own.

Plus, SAA shelter expenses are high. Here's what it takes to run the shelter:

1. US$36$ for food every day!

2. US$28 X 2 staff for daily salaries=$56

3. Supplies: antibiotics and other "recovering medications," cost monthly US$85

4. Transport: $6/day for Nune to take a cab from home to the shelter and back. If Nune has to take a dog to the vet or pick up an injured or abused dog from the street, the cost for a cab is about US$15 (cab drivers don't like to transport dogs, so they charge extra).

5. Utilities

Electricity: US$44/month

Gas: US$130/month

Water: US$65/month

Trash pick up: US$65/month

But in winter the gas fee will increase to about US$300 because of the 2 stoves that the shelter uses from December through February.

6. Veterinary cost: In 2017, so far, Nune has spent US$6000 on vets and surgeries.

Nune has no fundraising or marketing expenses.

If it wasn't for the constant worry about having enough food and paying bills, and there was some surplus, Nune said she would love to fix the dogs' cages. That would cost about US$760.

In the last few years, we've been able to raise enough money to cover the cost of dog food, meds and vet care, and electricity over the cold Armenia winters. We're hoping that AKI donors come through again! Here are some of the SAA dogs that need our help (all pictures from November 16).

This is a street dog that was so skinny and people in the neighborhood were threatening to kill him, so Nune brought him to the shelter. He's the newest shelter dog (picture 1, when he 1st arrived, picture 2, after getting some much needed food!)

And this is the newest puppy at the SAA shelter--so sweet and very much in need of a permanent, loving home.

Thank you for helping SAA dogs!

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