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Uganda SPCA Relies on AKI Donors-2018

The Uganda SPCA relies on AKI donors for about 1/2 of the costs to run their shelter, The Haven. Here's a round-up of how USPCA spent AKI funds in the last half of 2018, including some of the animals that benefited from AKI donor support (continued from our last AKI Blog post about the USPCA, which took us through June 2018).

Here's the breakdown of how the USPCA used AKI funds during 2018:

Every day, Haven staff take care of more than 250 cats and dogs!

To further break this down (from July onward), the USPCA used AKI funds for:

**Rent of The Haven for September through December (4 months)

**Transport for rescues and for pre- and post-adoption inspections for 3 1/2 months (September through mid-December)

**Electricity bills for The Haven from September through November (3 months)

**Air time for the USPCA phone for 2 months, mid-Oct to mid-Dec.

**Lots of posho, meat, mince, silverfish, veggies, rice, kitten and cat food to feed the many cats and dogs at The Haven

**Firewood for October and November to cook cat and dog food

**Salaries (as needed, July through December)

**Cat litter and other shelter supplies

**Website hosting for 2 years

And here are some of the beneficiaries of your generous support (stories and pictures provided by Haven Manager, Alex Ochieng):

July 6: I have been giving advice to the owner of this dog to improve how they can take care of the dog for some months, but for all along it's like I am wasting my time talking to them. The dog has been locked in the wooden house you see on the picture all the day without water. Full of fleas, full of mange. Today we removed the dog from them to the shelter.

Dog was locked in this dog house-until USPCA rescued him

Safe at The Haven-flea powdered, fed, and 24 hour water available!

August: Bella was brought in on 14 June. She was rescued on the road in Mukono. She was 3 to 5 days old at that time. In this picture she is now two and half months with us. See the photos we took on the day she arrived and for today (August 21).

Bella rescued, 3-5 days old!

Bella, a healthy puppy at 10-11 weeks old

October: This poor boy was rescued in Kitende along Entebbe road this evening. He has cancer on his left front leg. He was put under the USPCA's care.

USPCA rescue: cancer on leg, treated by the USPCA vet

October: Police was found with a TVT infection on 5 October. She was staying in Garuga center. We brought Police to The Haven for treatment. She healed very well, was spayed, and went back home to her parents. Please see the after photo for Police.

Police, TVT healed, spayed, went back home to Garuga

November: After receiving a phone call about a puppy in Ntinda, we went there and found this white poor puppy abandoned on the street. The first photo is before showering and the second one is after showering and Jacki holding her.

Jacki with rescued pup

November: This dog was lucky. We rescued her from the bush where she was hiding all the day and came out only at night to look for food. She protected her puppies all day.

Mama and her puppies rescued!

Puppies rescued!

December: These puppies were rescued in Ntinda when someone dumped them in a box and left them on the road. If not for the USPCA, they could have passed away because of worms. After de-worming them at the shelter, see the result in the photo below.

Puppies were put in a box and dumped!

they were full of worms!

During 2018, The Haven cared for 705 dogs and cats, with 43% finding new homes. Here is a small sample of the adoptions that took place during the last half of 2018:

In line with best shelter practices, the USPCA conducts pre- and post-adoption home visits. When Alex conducts post-adoption visits, the dogs (and some of the cats) always remember Alex and give him a big greeting. Here is Alex visiting Lola and Simba at their forever home in Seguku:

Alex visits Lola at her forever home

Simba remembers Alex

Thank you AKI donors and USPCA staff and volunteers for the amazing work we've accomplished together...for Uganda's animals during 2018.

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