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How Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras Uses Your Donations to AKI

During 2018, HHHH used AKI funds for dog and cat food to feed animals at the HHHH Sanctuary, for medicine and vet supplies, surgeries (including spay/neuter), to place concrete in the dog yard (supplies and compensation for workers), and to pay local people to help clean the Sanctuary (see chart). Here are some of the animals that have been helped thanks to your donations and some of the volunteers and adopters who help HHHH rescue and rehabilitate animals-in-need.

Pilar found Sadie in October on the side of the road outside a bar. She was filthy, smelled horrible, and she was starving. She had fleas, mange, and was anemic. She had a broken leg that healed crooked, no front teeth and a hematoma of the ear. The bar owner told Pilar that she had had puppies, but all of them died. The woman said she could not take care of her and handed her over to Pilar.

At the HHHH Sanctuary, Sadie ate like crazy but always had diarrhea. The vet did a blood test and treated her with Bactrim and then, when that didn't work, with another antibiotic. But the diarrhea continued, Sadie didn't improve. Pilar had Sadie in diapers, which she had to remove because Sadie got diaper rash! Even Pilar, who is so used to caring for very ill dogs, said that she was exhausted dealing with Sadie!

Slowly there was some improvement though. In January, when Sadie was well enough, Pilar brought her to the vet to be spayed. He noticed that her intestines were inflamed, so he opened them up. And look what the vet found! (3rd picture below).

The vet was amazed that Sadie survived more than three months with the rock and plastic blocking her intestines! (coin shows the size of the blockage). Sadie feels much better now!

This little orange and white kitten, about two months old, very thin, found on the street, was brought to the HHHH Sanctuary to see if Pilar could help her. She was missing half of her right front leg, and what was left was swollen and infected. Pilar treated the infection, fattened her up, and then, after 9 days at the Sanctuary, Pilar's vet amputated her leg. The kitty was placed with a foster.

Kitty's leg had to be amputated

Pilar rescued Jena around September 1, 2018 from 2 young kids who were going to dump her! She was covered in fleas, anemic, and full of worms (1st picture below on the day that Jena was rescued). She was adopted in November by this nice young couple (2nd picture).


Osa came from a large private shelter, ARCA, that Pilar works with. In a collaboration between ARCA and HHHH, Pilar brings dogs that need extra care to the HHHH Sanctuary because ARCA is unable to provide that intensive, often round-the-clock care that Pilar is so good at and willing to provide. Osa had an infected ear, mange, and was severely underweight. Even though she was at ARCA for 3 weeks, she wasn't improving. At HHHH, Osa quickly regained her health (photo below).

Osa, brought from a large shelter to the HHHH Sanctuary

Pilar also brought Zorro from ARCA to HHHH so he could get the intensive care he needed. He was severely anemic, underweight, and covered with ticks. After just a couple of weeks at HHHH, he was much improved (picture below).

This little cutie, Dory, also came from ARCA. Her sister died, and Pilar didn't want the same fate to take this pup, so she brought her to HHHH for good puppy care. Dory was full of fleas and scabs. After de-worming, this little girl expelled about 10 huge worms-hard to believe!

This little puppy was tossed (yes tossed) in the yard of Pilar's neighbor, who brought her to Pilar. At the HHHH Sanctuary, she was given a check up and vaccinated. And she was given a name, Ana, after Pilar's neighbor. Ana beats up Dory every chance she gets-but in the 2nd photo below, they are sleeping together nicely!


Ana & Dory in December

Then, in early February, Dory was adopted!

Dory adopted!

Gasparin was another dog who was at ARCA and needed and received Pilar's intensive care. He was in really bad shape, skinny, and full of parasites (1st picture below). As you can see in the 2nd picture below, he became a healthy, happy dog. He joined Ashley and Humberto's family of three kids, Eva 3, Marie 2, and Leonardo 9 months.

Gasparin (before)

Gasparin's new family!

And look at Gasparin on January 19-he's really part of the family now!

Gasparin with his new family-Jan 19

This dwarf kitty was brought to Pilar's Sanctuary to see if she could help him. For 10 days, she worked with her vet to try to figure out what was wrong. He was made comfortable and given love, much more than he had on the streets of Tegucigalpa. Sadly, he didn't have the strength to recover, and he died.

Bartolo was found on a busy street, too weak to walk, he was falling over! Pilar first saw Bartolo at ARCA. After 3 weeks without improvement, on February 11, Pilar brought Bartolo from ARCA to the HHHH Sanctuary. Bartolo arrived at HHHH severely underweight, with sarcoptic mange and anemia. He had a broken leg that had healed badly, he was exhausted and appeared to be old (but maybe he appeared older than his years). (2 photos below, when Bartolo arrived at HHHH).


Bartolo soon after he arrived at HHHH from ARCA

As usual, Pilar worked her magic and Bartolo soon gained weight, his skin improved and fur grew back! (2 photos below).

I love these pictures below showing the many volunteers that have been visiting the HHHH Sanctuary. The dogs and cats get the socialization and love they need. Pilar gets help cleaning the Sanctuary and caring for everyone.

At the end of 2018, seven Scouts (2 girls and 5 guys) volunteered for over two hours to walk and bathe the Sanctuary dogs and clean the back yard.

Scouts volunteer at HHHH

Scouts volunteer at HHHH

Scouts volunteer at HHHH

Also at the end of 2018, three women from the US Embassy and the 10-year old daughter of one of the women volunteered at the HHHH Sanctuary. They bathed and walked the dogs.

Volunteers from the US Embassy

US Embassy family helps Pilar bathe dogs

On January 13, seven people from the US Embassy spent 2 1/2 hours at the HHHH Sanctuary bathing all the dogs, taking them on walks, and cleaning the yards.

US Embassy volunteers-January

And on January 19, two marines and three women (some repeat visitors) from the US Embassy came over for 3 hours and cleaned the 3 dog yards (filling about ten 33 gallon trash bags!), bathed and walked the dogs and had all the trash hauled away! Pilar said, "I'm exhausted and I just watched!" (photo below, 2 marines).

US Marines volunteer at HHHH!

At the end of January, 12 high school kids volunteered at the Sanctuary. Pilar said, "They did not want to leave. They loved walking, bathing, and playing with the dogs." (photo below)

12 high school kids volunteer at HHHH

A huge thank you to all who help Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras!

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