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25th Anniversary of Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras

This post has updates since February 2021, our last AKI Blog post about HHHH. Also, we check in on some of the cats and dogs that HHHH rescued in the past. This year, we'll be celebrating HHHH's 25th year of rescue! We'll soon let you know what's in store for this notable anniversary.

AKI donors cover about 90% of the costs of running the HHHH Sanctuary.

In May, Pilar helped a fellow rescuer (someone new to rescue) care for 5 kittens that were dumped in her yard. Their eyes were badly infected and they were very skinny. Pilar brought them to the vet, where the 4 females were spayed (the 5th is a male) and their eye infections were treated. Once they were all healthy, Pilar returned them to the original rescuer (Pilar continues to help and advise her).

Two of the kitties on their way to their spay appointment:

In June, a neighbor rescued this baby opossum from her yard. Her cat was "playing" with him. She brought him to the Sanctuary, where Pilar is nursing him back to health.

In June, Pixie was brought to Pilar's vet, her owners wanted him to euthanize her. She weighed only 3 lbs and was emaciated. Her rear knees are deformed, so she has some trouble walking--one leg is essentially useless, but she can squirm around a lot! Other than that, Pixie is in fine health, and the vet refused to euthanize her. He convinced Pixie's owners to relinquish her to him, and he called Pilar, as he does when he has an animal that needs intensive care. Pixie is now at the Sanctuary, getting nutritious food and lots of love and care.

When Pixie first arrived:

Pixie is comfortable in Pilar's arms:

And Pixie is comfortable snuggled up on the HHHH couch:

We always like to check in on old HHHH residents, some still at the HHHH Sanctuary, some adopted.

There was Frode, found by Karen Abade in 2017 in front of a car lot, he didn't have much fur, he had mange, and he was very skinny. Now about 15 years old, he's been at the Sanctuary ever since. He has very few teeth left, can't see or hear well, he's arthritic. But he's safe, well-fed, and happy:

This is where Frode spends most of his time, keeping cool on the tile floor of the HHHH Sanctuary:

Frode soon after he was rescued, he wasn't a young dog back then, he had a difficult life on the streets of Tegucigalpa:

Kelly and her family adopted Giku (right) and Hunter (left) from the HHHH Sanctuary. Hunter had mange, almost all his fur was gone and he was covered with ticks. Kelly would go to the Sanctuary to help Pilar out with Hunter, bathing him, getting rid of his ticks. And now he's a fluff ball, living with Kelly and Giku and the rest of their family.

Pink kitty Mona (she was rescued at the end of 2020 from the streets of Tegucigalpa, where she was found colored pink) is still at the HHHH Sanctuary. She was was spayed in April and as you can see, the pink color has worn off:

Bunny is about 5 years old now. In 2017, she was thrown out of a fancy car right in front of a boy who helped Pilar clean the dog yards. Bunny's luck was about to change--she would get the care she needed at the HHHH Sanctuary. There was something wrong with her front leg, maybe it had been chopped off, it was deformed, she may have been born that way. The leg had to be amputated, but Bunny does very well now on the legs she has. In this picture (taken in June 2021) you can see she's REALLY happy:

This is Bunny when she 1st came to the HHHH Sanctuary and before her leg was amputated:

Odie is one of the old timers at the HHHH Sanctuary, he's about 13 years old and completely blind. He arrived at the Sanctuary back in 2015 with a horrible looking growth on his rear leg and the entire leg had to be amputated. He's very happy to live at the HHHH Sanctuary:

Although we're still developing the 25th anniversary plans, we do have a 25th anniversary logo thanks to Ana Maria, an HHHH volunteer:


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