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AKI Donors-Supporting Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras (July - Nov 2019)

The HHHH Sanctuary has been busy with several recent rescues and rehabs. These past few months have been nice because many HHHH rescues have improved, been adopted, or have been returned to their permanent homes after short rehabs at the HHHH Sanctuary. Here are some of the cats, dogs, and others(!) who HHHH has been helping:

In September, Pilar's fellow-rescuer, Ana Maria, found kitty Popis in the parking lot where she works. She was pregnant and Ana Maria knew that the parking lot would not be a safe place for her or her kittens, so she brought the kitty to Pilar at the HHHH Sanctuary. The decision was to get her spayed, it was early enough in her pregnancy. Popis spent 10 days post-spay at the Sanctuary and then Ana Maria kept her for 5 more days while she arranged for a permanent home with a friend from her office. The picture below is Popis at her new home-I think she's a happy kitty!

(We're not only grateful to Pilar, Ana Maria, and Popis's new family, but Pilar's vet does a huge service by giving deep discounts-Popis's spay and first vaccinations cost only US$40!--which means that donations to AKI for Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras go a long way!)

Thanks to HHHH, another Honduran cat got a second chance at a good life during September. Pilar's ex-students told Pilar about the cat, Gatubela (picture below). She already had 3 litters and Gatubela's owners couldn't afford more kittens, didn't want to go through more pregnancies, and couldn't (or wouldn't?) pay for having her spayed. Pilar offered to cover the spay surgery (again, Pilar's vet came through, charging only US$32). The owners said they would be happy to keep Gatubela once she's spayed. Pilar is monitoring this case.

Chiwina was rescued twice, the 1st time, 4 years ago by the neighbors of Pilar's vet. In August, her rear legs became paralyzed-for no apparent reason. When Chiwina's owners brought her to the vet, he recommended PT, but they didn't have the substantial time that it would take or the space to adequately care for her. So the vet asked Pilar if she could work with Chiwina to rehabilitate her (pictured below when she 1st arrived at the Sanctuary). Chiwina has now been with Pilar at the HHHH Sanctuary for about a month and has started to walk on her own! Her prognosis is really good. She'll go back to her family once rehab is complete.

As of early November, 3 cats, 20 dogs, 11 birds, and a turtle were living at the HHHH Sanctuary.

Dot is still at HHHH; she is the daughter of Ash, who was rescued when she was very pregnant and had 5 puppies at the Sanctuary the day after she arrived. All of Ash's puppies have been adopted except Dot. Dot has gotten very destructive: Pilar said, "my clothes, books, plants, plastic dishes, dog beds and anything else she gets her teeth on plus she loves to bark-we are working hard on getting her off of these bad habits!" (Below, Dot-black dog and Beto spend a lot of time playing at the Sanctuary!)

2 dogs at the HHHH sanctuary

Two of the 3 cats at the HHHH Sanctuary as of November:

Turtle at the HHHH Sanctuary (November):


Not only confined to rescuing cats and dogs (and turtles), Pilar rescued and rehabbed a baby opossum in October-November. Someone killed the mom and other babies and tossed-literally-2 of the babies away and the smaller fell in a bucket with soapy water. After a day at the HHHH Sanctuary, the smaller opossum died (picture below).

The remaining opossum (picture below) spent 6 weeks at the Sanctuary until he could eat by himself. He was set free in a safe environment. Opossums are killed in Honduras because supposedly they eat peoples' chickens (people should better protect their chickens).


Pilar receives updates regularly from people who have adopted cats and dogs from the HHHH Sanctuary.

Daisy, shown left was adopted by Cathy, an ex-biology student of Pilar's.

(Cathy and Daisy are pictured below on the day Cathy adopted Daisy in April 2019)

Titan, another of Ash's puppies was adopted by a biologist friend of Pilar's and her husband (pictured below).

Here's Titan (below) when he was only 10 days old-not a care in the world, having been born into the safety of the HHHH Sanctuary:

Your donations help us keep the HHHH Sanctuary a safe, loving place for the neediest animals in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Donations to AKI cover about 95% of the operating costs of the HHHH Sanctuary. Here's how HHHH has spent your donations to AKI during 2019:


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