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March 2022: Valuing non-human lives (in Ukraine and beyond)

Kindness to Animals has no Boundaries

March 2022

Dear Animal-Kind Friends,

A friend said to me, that she felt that “slowly, human consciousness is rising in many parts of the world in terms of valuing non-human lives.” She also sent an article (by Kenny Torella, March 26, in Vox) that expands on that thought so well, better than I can, so here are two quotes that really stood out for me:

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed…the critical roles animals play in human life…the companionship they provide can be just as meaningful, and sometimes more so, than that provided by fellow humans.”

And this one, which I find particularly relevant to Animal-Kind International’s support for animal welfare in some of the poorest countries, and under some of the most challenging conditions: “Animal welfare and human prosperity are often pitted against one another, as though well-being were a zero-sum game. But human health and animal health, in wartime and peacetime, are inextricably linked.”

Our March AKI Blog articles clearly demonstrate these ideas:

  • Although it’s not experiencing full-blown war, violent conflict in the DR Congo has uprooted life there for years, yet AKI Partner Sauvons nos Animaux is making inroads in animal welfare.

  • The poverty and effects of climate change in Zambia, where AKI grantee NYEMOVEC works, mean that people come close to starvation, yet they do their best to care for their pets.

  • Our project in eastern Uganda (Bam Animal Clinics donkey welfare activities) and the AKI-HaH-Namibia Emergency Fund help the poorest of the poor— yet even though their livelihoods are at risk, the demand to help their animals is never ending.

  • And Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras shows us just what it looks like when consciousness rises and we slowly begin to value non-human lives.


Our AKI Blog Articles-March

Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras: March 2022 - This is an update about AKI Partner Organization, HHHH and their community spay/neuter work with Patrick and his neighbors in Tegucigalpa; and recent visitors to the HHHH Sanctuary. On March 24 (after I wrote the article), 18 high school students and their teacher volunteered at the Sanctuary and donated about 195 lbs of dog food. They bathed 5 dogs and took 4 dogs on long walks (Some of the students and HHHH Sanctuary dogs are pictured below).

Bam Animal Clinics-Uganda: Donkey Clinics - In March, AKI Partner, Bam Animal Clinics held AKI-funded training programs in eastern Uganda to show donkey owners how to make humane sisal saddles; the owners got to keep the humane saddles that they made. Along with the training, Bam provided free veterinary care for donkeys, and of course, educated donkey owners about how to care for their donkeys in between veterinary visits.

Have a Heart-Namibia Update: March 2022 - In February, 69 dogs and 2 cats in Rehoboth, Kalkrand, and Stampriet benefited from AKI support for HaH's Lifetime Care Program; they received booster vaccinations and parasite treatments. This article covers only January’s AKI-HaH Emergency Fund cases; there were so many, we’ll write a separate post next month covering February onward.

Above photo: Neusie from Rehoboth, a rough place-for animals and people alike, had a wound on her rear leg that got infested with maggots. Neusie (Afrikaans for "Little Nose") got help from the AKI-HaH Emergency Fund, thanks to her caring owner, who had gotten Neusie spayed in 2021 through AKI Partner Organization, Have a Heart-Namibia.

AKI Grantee: NYEMOVEC-Zambia - Our 2021 grantees are wrapping up their projects (of the 9 grants, only 2 aren’t yet completed). Over 5-months, Nyendwa Mobile Veterinary Clinic’s grant project, “Tackling the Terrible Suffering of Dogs and Cats Ward by Ward during the COVID-19 Crisis,” not only faced covid, but also droughts, floods, extreme heat, and rising prices-most everything increased by 25% over the grant period, but still NYEMOVEC persisted and reached outlying areas and helped cats and dogs living in some of the most challenging environments. Even under these conditions, the NYEMOVEC team saw people sharing limited food and water with their pets.

Sauvons nos Animaux-DR Congo: Update - Our newest Partner Organization works in a conflict-ridden area, deals with floods and landslides, extreme poverty, but as you’ll see, their Youth Club (with 40 active members, who help around the shelter and are advocates in their communities), as well as founder Paterne’s hard work, is having an impact on the way animals are treated in eastern DR Congo.

Above photos: Sauvons nos Animaux sponsored a walk/run to raise awareness about animal cruelty and the campaign against dog meat eating — you can see in these photos and others in the AKI Blog post how young people are showing that they care for their pets, that their dogs are their friends, an important part of their lives.


Uganda SPCA’s New Haven: Progress!

As of March: Concrete slabs were constructed (photo below) and the site is now ready for the 8 pens now being fabricated. When those are finished and placed on-site, some of the cats and dogs from the [old] Haven can be moved to the new Haven. A container at the new site holds supplies, but we still need a portable building, more fencing, more slabs, among other items for the new shelter. Thank you so much for getting us this far—we are so close to having a brand new Haven!


WOW! That is just so striking (Pet Portrait below), it’s hard to take your eyes off of that portrait! You too can have a Pet Portrait or a Pet & People/Person Portrait for a $12 minimum donation to AKI. You’ll need to send a photo along with your donation (more at the link below), and you’ll receive your portrait via email within a few days.


Thank you to Donkeys for Africa for highlighting our work, and in particular, our “Friendly Audits” in the February/March 2022 newsletter.

If you haven’t already read our 2021 Annual Report, you can find it on our website. -Read about what you, our supporters, made possible last year (and please continue your generous support this year-thank you!)

And by now, I hope all of our monthly donors have received their end of year statement/thank you/ progress report email message from me. If not, please get in touch!

With gratitude for your generous support. We can’t do this without you. We know these are trying times (it seems they always are these days), but we need to keep moving forward, we need to keep growing that consciousness—don’t let the glimmer of rising consciousness fizzle!

Thank you for donating to Animal-Kind International. Karen Menczer, Founder/Director & the Animal-Kind International Board AKI has Partner Organizations in Uganda (2 partners), Namibia (2 partners), DR Congo, Ghana, South Sudan, Liberia, Honduras, Jamaica, and Armenia. You can donate to AKI’s general fund or designate your donation to one or more of our Partner Organizations. Our 2021 grantees work in: Ghana, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (3 grantees). AKI: Since 2007, helping animals and the people who care for them in some of the poorest countries. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; donations to AKI are tax deductible in the US to the extent the law allows. 100% of your donations go to our Partners & Grant Program.


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