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Lots of Good News from Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras

It's nice to write only good news for once, and HHHH has so much good news for us!

Back in 2017, Maya was a one year old pregnant doggy living on the street in Tegucigalpa when she was rescued and brought to the HHHH Sanctuary just in time to have 9 puppies (below, soon after Maya's puppies were weaned).

All of Maya's puppies were adopted, and Maya was left at the Sanctuary, waiting for her forever home. Maya lucked out a couple of years ago, when Jenn adopted her. Jenn's job requires her to move to different countries, and of course, Maya comes along. They now live in Mexico, from where Jenn sent this picture of Maya (life has sure changed a lot for this dog!):

In our last AKI Blog post about HHHH, we told you about Rocky the raccoon, who arrived at the Sanctuary as an orphan on October 7. Rocky needed to be fed every 4 to 5 hours, he was a real handful! In early February, Pilar brought Rocky to another wildlife rehabilitator in preparation for his release (photo below is from the day Pilar moved Rocky to his new temporary home). Bye Rocky, we wish you all the best!

Maya II came to the HHHH Sanctuary at the start of the pandemic in 2020, after Pilar overheard a couple talking to the vet about euthanizing her because they were tired of spending money on her. Pilar convinced them to let her have Maya. The poor dog was suffering from pyometra and would have died -with or without euthanasia-if not for Pilar. Maya was so skinny and of course felt dreadful when she arrived at the Sanctuary. But by April 13 (after a lot of vet care), she was in great shape and adopted by an ex-student of Pilar's. Below is Maya II at the vet's office on January 29, where she weighed in at a very healthy 70 lbs:

Another ex-student of Pilar's brought tiny Mona to the Sanctuary on December 12. No one was sure why she was pink, but we figured this was an attempt at a dye job gone bad (practicing for dying Easter bunnies?). Pilar bathed her (picture below), but she was still pink. Worse, she wouldn't eat and was severely malnourished.

Within a few weeks, Mona was doing really well and just 2 months after arriving at the Sanctuary, she's a healthy, happy white cat (below).

Pilar works with several other rescuers, among them Guillermo and his son Christopher. All three have been trying to help poor Laica (along with several other dogs), whose family uses motor oil on her to control external parasites. Although they explain to the family that motor oil is not safe or effective, and it's best to use veterinary products, the family insists on doing this. Pilar has been giving Guillermo Bravecto to help them treat poor Laica and sends some food along too. We're hoping that for Laica's sake, the most recent dose of Bravecto will convince the family to lay off the motor oil!

Guillermo and Christopher are pictured below on their way to visit with Laica:

We're happy to have updates of three of the five puppies born to Ash (a 4th still lives at the Sanctuary as does Ash), who Pilar rescued from a large shelter in Tegucigalpa where Ash was not getting the care she needed. Ash had 2 male and 3 female puppies the day after she arrived at the Sanctuary:

Here, about 2 years later (Feb 2021), is Ash's puppy Daisy,now living in Marcala, adopted by an ex-biology student of Pilar's, Cathy.

Ash's puppy, formerly Tegus, now Red, is living in Iraq with his US Embassy family:

Ash's puppy Titan was adopted by one of Pilar's neighbors and fellow university professor:

Galip was adopted 9 years ago by a family who has been dedicated to his care for all these years. The father of the family goes running with Galip regularly. The kids grew up with Galip (see 2nd picture below, about 9 years ago) and love him as much as the day he joined their family. Below is Galip in February 2021:

And of course, some of our old favorites (below) are still at the HHHH Sanctuary (the Nereida Montes de Oca Sanctuary), where they get lifetime care and lifetime love! Thank you to all of our supporters - from HHHH and Ali (left) and Thor (right) and Kesia (back), 3 of the luckiest dogs in Tegoose:

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