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Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras November 2021 Update

Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras has started a new project to help street dogs

It started with an email message in October from Patrick to Animal-Kind International. Patrick said he would like to talk to us about helping to get the street dogs in his neighborhood, on the northwest side of Tegucigalpa, spayed. He told us, "many of our neighbors love dogs - and so we have lots of folks who want to help. We are not looking to give you [Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras] any dogs - we would want these dogs back - as again, they live in our neighborhood."

Patrick also mentioned that some people in the neighborhood aren't as fond as others about the dogs. But if we could get them spayed, he was sure the neighbors would be much more welcoming.

His community is also planning on setting up a feeding station for the street dogs. Patrick mentioned that at both ends of their neighborhood, there are really poor areas--with hungry dogs that also need to be spayed/neutered.

We hope this idea will spread--getting the street dogs fixed in neighborhoods where there are people who will watch over them and setting up feeding stations. The 1st lucky dog is Chiara. Patrick brought her over to the Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras Sanctuary in October.

Patrick carrying Chiara arrives at HHHH

She stayed at the HHHH Sanctuary for 2 weeks pre-surgery and during recovery.

Dr. Orlando Ordoñez spayed Chiara--Thank you to Dr. Ordoñez for never failing to help Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras animals!

Last week, Patrick picked Chiara up and brought her back to her home in his neighborhood. He'll bring another dog to the HHHH Sanctuary on November 11. They expect to spay 12 to 15 dogs in this neighborhood, bringing one to two to Pilar at a time.

Thanks to donations to AKI, we were able to cover Chiara's food, vaccines, and internal and external parasite meds. Thanks to Patrick, her blood test, surgery, antibiotics, and pain killers were covered. We're happy to continue to help dogs in (and beyond) Patrick's neighborhood, especially when his neighbors are so willing to contribute by helping with s/n and through their ongoing support for the welfare of these street dogs.

And just because this picture is too cute not to post, here's Pixie, whose story we wrote about in this June 2021 AKI Blog post. Pixie has a new handmade sweater thanks to her "godmother" Ana Marie. A tiny doggie like Pixie needs a sweater, even in tropical Honduras, to stay warm!


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