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Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras Update: Dec 2022

In our last AKI Blog post (July 2022) about AKI Partner Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras's work, we wrote that long-time sanctuary resident, Ali, was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor. At that time, Pilar said, "He's still eating well and walking around, doesn't seem to be in pain, and still seems to be enjoying life." Pilar didn't feel it was time to euthanize him.

In November, Ali died. He had been at HHHH's sanctuary since 2017.

dog Ali on his bed
Ali, July 2022, soon after he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor

HHHH experienced another death since we wrote last, Frode, who died in mid-November. Pilar wrote, "On a sad note, I had to have Frode euthanized. For over a week, he could no longer walk. He dragged himself around and cried, but he still ate well." When he could no longer get up to pee and poop, Pilar realized it was time.

Karen A., who had rescued Frode in 2017, when he was living-and almost died, on the streets of Tegucigalpa, helped Pilar lift him in and out of the car to go to the vet and then, to bury him in the backyard:

dog's grave at HHHH sanctuary
Frode's grave

At the end of October and into November, Pilar was treating Susy for an infection. She was in bad shape-she'd collapse when she got up and was not eating. She was severely anemic. By the end of November, she was much better-she was eating and running around, just like her old self. Donations to AKI covered her blood tests and treatment.

Dog Susy at HHHH
By the end of November, Susy was feeling much better.

Guillermo Yuscaron and his son rescued Susy back in 2015:

Gloria, who rescued Ginger in June (see the previous AKI Blog post, HHHH Update), from the street, where she was living (and slowly dying of starvation), had her spayed in September (funded by AKI supporters) and was still looking for a permanent home for this sweet-and lucky-dog:

Odie, who's about 14 years old, has been going downhill, Pilar told us in November. He stumbles a lot and is having trouble getting up. This is Odie, a tripod, in June 2021, completely blind:

Check out Odie, after he was found in 2015-he had a huge growth on his leg:

Odie's leg was amputated in 2015:

As a hospice/old age/rehab sanctuary, HHHH knows they have to deal with a lot of pain, suffering, and sadly, death. But they do all in their power to make all sanctuary animals comfortable, happy, feel secure and loved, for however many days, weeks, months, and years they have left. Our AKI donors are the reason they can do that!

Here's how AKI Partner, HHHH spent your donations in 2022:


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