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How AKI Donors are Helping Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras (through June 2019)

While there's lots of really good doggie news from HHHH, I 1st want to congratulate HHHH founder and director, Pilar, for the award she received from the US Embassy in Honduras:

Congratulations Pilar, much deserved! Just what we'd expect from our Partner Organization in Honduras!

in the March AKI Blog post we wrote about Sadie, who Pilar rescued from the side of the road, where she was scrounging for food in front of a local bar. Although she was always famished-and always eating, she wasn't gaining weight and she had constant diarrhea. During spay surgery (cost covered by AKI donors), the vet found a rock in her intestine. This was Sadie "before" the rock was removed--look at that worried look on her face:

Sadie soon after arrving at the HHHH Sanctuary-very skinny, always hungry, not gaining weight

Pilar sent this picture of Sophie in early July-she's put on weight (some might call her fat), and Pilar said she's now an alpha among the HHHH dogs:

"Fat" Sadie in the foreground and Cute Dot in the background

Wondering who that cutie is behind Sadie? That's Dot, 1 of 5 puppies born at the HHHH Sanctuary. Back in February, Pilar brought a very pregnant Ash from the ARCA shelter to HHHH because she knew that the mama and puppies would need the good care that only HHHH could provide. The day after mama Ash arrived, she had her puppies:

This is Ash on the day that Pilar brought her from ARCA to HHHH--pretty pregnant! She has since been spayed (cost covered by AKI donors) and is doing well at the HHHH Sanctuary.

Ash's puppy Daisy was adopted by Cathy, an ex-student of Pilar's:

This lucky family adopted Ash's puppy, Tonka, now named Blue:

Ash's puppy Ana, now named Ruby, also has a forever family:

Besides keeping busy at the HHHH Sanctuary and helping out at ARCA, Pilar finds time to give presentations to students about animal welfare. This is a group from Del Campo International School, that Pilar spoke to. Several students from the school have volunteered at the HHHH Sanctuary, and as you can see, they donated bags of cat and dog food to Pilar:

Pilar spoke about animal welfare at Del Campo International School in March

Here are some of the Del Campo high school kids volunteering at HHHH:

US Embassy staff continue to help HHHH out too. Here are two of the US volunteers with Pilar and HHHH dogs (June 2019):

For a quick view of how HHHH has used your donations in 2019, through June:

As you can see, the HHHH dogs are grateful for your help:

The HHHH cats are too, as are Pilar and AKI! Thank you!


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