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Kingston Community Animal Welfare Update: April 2023

Reading this AKI Blog post, you'll get to know Deborah Binns (Kingston Community Animal Welfare) --you'll see her dedication, her drive, her soft heart for animals and for people (she might not admit that though!) And you'll see why KCAW is an AKI Partner Organization and has been since the start of AKI in 2007.

This is from Deborah:


She takes in strays in her little area where she lives outside Kingston. Dogs cats goats u name it once it has 4 legs she will take her home. Am Happy to share the resources sent to me by AKI with her, including food and medicine. I s/n all her animals too:


March: I've been seeing this little doggie for weeks now sitting on the sidewalk whenever I'm coming down the hill. He is always there. I assumed he belonged to one of the houses on that road until an old lady came to the gate and thanked me for feeding him as she hardly had any food to give him.

She said the dog used to live a bit down from her but the owners moved and left him. I was heartbroken for this little dog.

The lady seemed to care about the dog so I struck a deal for her to keep him if I provided food and care. She said yes!!

Now the little boy will be safe and looked after if even temporarily until he is neutered and can go to a forever owner, whomever that may be.

A little later in March: Drove past the house a couple times but didn't see Granny or the dog until yesterday. Not sure if Granny is feeding him properly. He was very happy to see me and he wasn't inside the gate. I'll make more frequent visits and plan to get him to a forever home soon. Check out this sweet dog running up to me in the video:


I checked in with Granny to see how he was doing (thought he was a she, but he's a he!)


[Update: The sweet dobie was neutered and adopted to a wonderful home, where he is much safer than he was during his temporary stay at Granny's.]


April: I've been going to my mechanic to repair my car for years. He got Charlie for the kids in his family who were excited for a few days and then never really had anything much to do with him after that. He was NEVER allowed inside the house and was permanently kept outside.

When I took my car for servicing he would jump into my lap and spend the entire time there. Of course I always took food for him which he would gobble down hungrily. Charlie was always dirty. And hungry. I dreaded having to take my car there because I just could not bear to see him like that. It broke my heart.

I made every effort to convince my mechanic to let me take Charlie. The answer was always no.

Last week I took my car for servicing and lo and behold his wife came out to me and said, "I can't take this dog anymore. Do you still want him?"

HELL YES! I said and she promptly lifted him and dumped him in my car. LET'S GO CHARLIE BOY I said loudly driving away with the biggest smile on my face!

A few of days later in April: It didn't even take 24 hrs before Cindi and the rest of the wonderful people on my rescue group sent out an SOS to find this sweet wonderful little dog his forever home.

I drove Charlie to meet his new family yesterday (picture above), Robert and his kids who just recently buried their Snoopy. Good luck my darling boy. Your new life had begun!

Snoopy was also a rescue, he was a beloved family dog. I know Charlie will be also.

A little later in April: Here's Charlie in his new home shampooed and playing in his garden. He is going to the groomer today and to the vet. He was covered in ticks and fleas.

AKI made all this possible. Without your help I would never have the resources necessary to save dogs like him. He finally has what he's always deserved:



These are my 2 oldest street dogs that have lived their entire lives in a noisy grassless concrete garage filled with oil and grease. I was there when their mother had them, almost 10 years ago. The owner refused to give them up despite my effort. He barely feeds them. They throw the remnants of the lunch box which is usually dry bones and a few grains of rice.

They have no names I simply call them 'Girl'. One is not doing well, she is losing weight rapidly but still maintains a good appetite.

I feed them several times a week (picture above) and make sure to include vitamin tabs and vegetables. I took her to the vet and ran a lot of diagnostics and blood work but they couldn't find anything except that she was anemic.

So I took her back to the garage and to her sister, who she adores, to let her live out her natural life. She is happy for now and until I think it is time for her to take her final Journey home I will continue to take the best care of both of them as I possibly can. Girl and Girl.


Peaches is my Thursday and Monday dog, meaning those are her days to get food according to my schedule. And like clockwork, there she is sitting on the side of the road patiently, and without doubt hungrily.

It always makes me smile to see her little tail moving 90 miles per second as she enjoys her meal:



March: I'm still working on getting the feral/stray cats at Immaculate High School s/n'd. Now that the mamas have been spayed, the kittens are now ready for s/n:


Anne Marie passed away in February leaving 4 dogs and 7 cats. KCAW took cages and brought them all to safety while looking for good homes for them.

I used a lot of AKI’s resources to help her care for her 4 dogs and 7 cats as she had practically nothing. She couldn't work because of her weak state so I did as much as I could to help look after her and her beloved pets. In the video of her thanking AKI, she had just adopted that little dog and I gave her a lot of dog and cat food. She was a dear friend and animal person. I will miss her dreadfully.


Recently Deborah and I (Karen) were reminiscing about the many years we've spent in animal rescue helping animals no one else cared about. And Deborah sent this message and the accompanying picture from years ago, from back when I lived in Jamaica and helped Deborah feed and care for unwanted cats and dogs:

"A rescuers work is never done. Even on Sundays we never take a break...because hunger doesn't know it's Sunday."


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