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Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras: March 2022 Update

At the end of 2021, Helping Hands for Hounds of Honduras began working with Patrick and his northwest Tegucigalpa neighborhood to get their street dogs spayed. The community intended to set up feeding stations and watch over the dogs, and they even committed to providing some of the funding to get all their community street dogs sterilized. A few months into this community spay/neuter project, Chiara (see the November AKI Blog), Leica, and Mochita have been spayed, and they're now working on the 4th dog. Here are Leica's and Mochita's stories.

Patrick brought Leica to the HHHH Sanctuary on November 11. But before she could be spayed, it was discovered she had distemper. Pilar first had to deal with treating her for this dangerous illness. Poor Leica really didn't feel well.

dog with distemper
Day 1 at the HHHH Sanctuary: Leica is really feeling down

Leica crawled into Frode's dog house and tried to hide away and forget her troubles.

Finally, by November 22, Leica was healthy enough to be spayed.

Leica then returned to the HHHH Sanctuary for her recovery period. She was back in Frode's dog house, a little happier and more comfortable this time.

On November 30, Patrick came to the sanctuary to pick Leica up and bring her back to the community where she lives.

dog and person
Leica and Patrick: Leica's going home

No one was happier about that than Frode, who got his dog house back!

dog in his dog house
Frode reclaims his dog house!

Next up for spay was Mochita, which means "Little Tail." When Patrick brought Mochita to the HHHH Sanctuary in February, she was covered with ticks and she smelled really bad. She needed to be bathed and get rid of those ticks before going to her spay appointment.

Mochita's home territory

From the moment Mochita arrived at the HHHH Sanctuary, it seemed like she was planning her escape. On February 21, Pilar brought her to be spayed. Against her will, Mochita had to stay a little longer with Pilar at the sanctuary because she was going to a new home with Oscar, a real home, not on the street. And Oscar first needed to build a secure fence.

On March 5, Oscar, who lives in the same northwest Tegucigalpa community as Patrick, came to the HHHH Sanctuary to bring Mochita home.

adopted dog
Mochita and Oscar going home

Little Mima weighs only 4 pounds. Just before Leica arrived, Mima came to stay at the HHHH Sanctuary for 2 weeks. When she was one year old, Mima had been rescued by a friend of Pilar's. But then, due to a separation from her husband, the friend could no longer keep Mima. Pilar was happy to welcome this tiny sweet dog to the HHHH Sanctuary. She had Mima spayed, had a blood test done, and she was vaccinated. And then Pilar found a great home for sweet Mima.

Mima at the HHHH Sanctuary

On January 8, Lily and Antonio came by the HHHH Sanctuary to bring treats for all the dogs!

Considering their backgrounds, the dogs and cats at the HHHH Sanctuary are a pretty lucky bunch of shelter animals!

AKI donors cover about 90% of the costs to run the HHHH Neredia Montes de Oca Sanctuary.


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