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Save the Animals-Armenia Update

The Save the Animals-Armenia shelter now has only 51 dogs living there-most of the shelter dogs have grown old and died of natural causes. This gives Nune more time to focus on dogs living outside the shelter-dogs living on the streets of Yerevan and living in dire conditions as guard dogs, chained with inadequate food, often without water, and if they have shelter, it's dismal.

It's hard to change peoples' long-held attitudes about dogs (that's why most of our Partner Organizations focus on educating children, it's easier to teach good habitats and attitudes than undo the bad ones). I've watched as Nune speaks to owners of guard dogs. After all these years, they seem to shrug their shoulders and let her feed their dogs and give water. But they'll never really care.

So now, every day, on her way to the shelter, Nune stops to care for 18-25 dogs. With funds from AKI, she purchases food for the shelter dogs and the owned and street dogs (some cats too). Here are some of Nune's stops on her way to the shelter (Thank you very much to Elen for taking the videos!):

Finally, when Nune gets to the Save the Animals-Armenia shelter, she is greeted by 51 more dogs, all happy to see her, all well-cared for thanks to you, our AKI donors! Check out this 2 minute video of the SA-Armenia shelter, you'll almost feel like you're there.

And when, after a long day of feeding and caring for dogs, Nune needs a hug, there's Arden. Nune brought Arden to the Save the Animals-Armenia shelter 2 years ago, after he was used in dog fights. After one incident, he was being chased by some men who were trying to kill him. Luckily he escaped and he ended up at Nune's shelter.

Dog used for fighting, rescued by SA-Armenia
Arden, when he was rescued 2 years ago

Rescued dog from dog fighting
Arden, January 27, 2020


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