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Animal-Kind International
Kindness to Animals has no Boundaries

Your donations to AKI support animal rescue and protection organizations in resource-poor areas  that are:

Local: Rooted in the local culture, either founded by local people or longtime residents, who respect the culture and work within its norms to improve conditions for animals.

  • Community based: Focus at community level, working primarily from bottom-up to improve animals' lives and create strong advocates.

  • Sustainable: Use funds efficiently and effectively to bring about lasting change.

  • Africa-based; our secondary focal region is Latin America/Caribbean.

  • Verified by AKI: We find the most effective animal welfare organizations and ensure your donations are used only to rescue and protect animals. We do the due diligence so you don't have to!

Why Africa?

It's a region where funding for animals is still so hard to come by, but where so many young people and dedicated, local organizations are stepping up to make changes.

They just need a little help from us--financial, admin, technical--and they'll do the rest.

Together, we're growing a stronger, more effective Africa-based animal welfare, rescue, and protection community.   

Did you know that the 10 poorest countries in the world (2023) are in Africa?

And that 11 of the 12 countries with the highest population growth rates (2023) are in Africa?

If you believe, as we do, that kindness to animals has no boundaries, African animal welfare advocates need and deserve our support!


AKI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the

US State of New Mexico. 

100% of your donations go to our Partners & Grantees!

Your donations to Animal-Kind International are helping AKI Partner Organizations in:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Ghana

  • Liberia

  • Namibia

  • South Sudan

  • Uganda

  • Armenia

  • Honduras

  • Jamaica

Through our 6th Annual Africa-Based Animal Welfare Organization Grant Program, your donations also reach our 2023 Grant Recipients who work in:

  • Tanzania (2 grantees)

  • Zimbabwe (2 grantees)

  • South Africa (2 grantees)

  • Morocco

  • Namibia

Thanks to your support to AKI, in 2023, we are helping a total of 18 organizations working in 13 countries. Strengthening local animal rescue and protection organizations is the key to systemic, long-term improvements in animal welfare.

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Animal-Kind International Updates/News

Listen to Dr. Peter Spiegel with Animals Today interview AKI Founder/Director, Karen Menczer, here:

--the interview begins at 21.5 minutes.


If you aren't already a subscriber, you can subscribe to the Animals Today podcast at the link above, as well.


We've added a new Partner Organization! As of January 2023, The Six Freedoms-Ghana is an AKI Partner. They join Sauvons nos Animaux in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who became an AKI Partner Organization in January 2022, as our two newest Partners.


Interested in being a mentor for our "Friendly Audit" program? As part of our efforts to strengthen animal welfare organizations in poor countries, mainly in Africa, we're conducting "Friendly Audits" of select organizations to identify their shortcomings and needs. Together with the organization, we identify their needs and we match a volunteer mentor with the organization to help address them. Currently, 5 volunteers are helping 5 organizations build websites, strengthen their social media presence, edit educational material, and search for grants. If you're interested in volunteering, get in touch to discuss how you can help strengthen Africa's animal welfare organizations.



Read our Op Ed in the Santa Fe New Mexican about the effects of covid-19 on animal welfare organizations in Africa: READ IT HERE

A Top-Rated Non-Profit! 

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(Photo: Karen Menczer, AKI Founder & Director)

AKI is a 2023 Great Non-Profit: Check out our 5 star reviews on Great Non-Profits (and please add your 5-star review!) Not only that, we've achieved the Platinum Seal of Transparency on GuideStar indicating the highest level of transparency; we're also a 4-star charity on Charity Navigator!

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